Vision and Mission

(Image: Wilhelm Simmler/K. Thienemanns Verlag)

We firmly believe that the world can get better. And that everyone can do their part. So do we.

We would like to provide you with all the information and help you need to get out of this seemingly hopeless situation of complex trauma and regain the quality of life.

With Complex Trauma Info, we have a lot of plans for this:

  • information about the complex trauma itself (what it is, where it can come from),
  • What impact a cPTSD has on life,
  • What therapy methods there are,
  • What else you can do on the side to improve your situation,
  • What cures and trips you can take to escape the crushing everyday life,
  • Who can assist you if the cause of your complex trauma is a criminal act or act of violence, and why it is worthwhile to report the perpetrator,
  • What books there are on the different topics that affect your cPTSD.

We want to encourage you not to give up, to learn to accept yourself as you are, to become or to stay active, to talk about it, to look for friends and stay in touch, to get creative, to finally be able to relax, to learn something new and ultimately to ask for help.

Because here people should come together who are very difficult to exchange data in everyday life, without your consent, but who have to work together to get the trauma under control as quickly as possible.

Let us find together a way that meets your current situation and offers you fast and long-term solutions!