What to do?

As an adult, you are now faced with the Herculean task of having to relearn these processing mechanisms in order to achieve healthy emotional regulation and impulse control. All the accumulated shocks, which are actually (not perceived as such) anger, must be dealt with through a process with adult consciousness and mindfulness.

There are several ways to do this:

  • A dedicated trauma therapy,which I strongly recommend first, because it saves you a lot of time, even if you have to overcome yourself and your feelings of shame. These are available as outpatient and inpatient therapy at the psychologist or in a psychosomatic clinic. Meanwhile, “thanks to” Corona therapists have started to offer online sessions for patients. This makes exposure to the public unnecessary.
  • Other forms of psychotherapyto work through all the side effects associated with the trauma consequences. Since complex PTSD has so far been little or no mention in the diagnostic manuals, other diagnoses are often made first. These include borderline disorder, non-complex PTSD, dissociative disorders, depression, anxiety or panic disorders as well as addictions and obsessive-compulsive disorders.
  • Ayurveda offers a holistic view – here attention is paid to the balance of body, soul and spirit. Treatment is carried out by balancing the three doshas: through a specific diet depending on the type, naturopathic medications and meditations, music or rest. There are even Ayurveda clinics where you can be pampered as a private patient or self-payer.
  • Meditation techniquesthat make you aware of stress and reduce it. This includes conscious breathing, EFT/tapping, holistic breathing, videos/apps with affirmations, safe space meditations or nature sounds, etc. Mindfulness mediations help to become aware of feelings and to find your way back into the here and now when you are in danger of losing touch with reality. This also includes the family line-up according to Bert Hellinger.
  • Physical techniques that allow you to clean up your own subconscious by putting yourself in a kind of trance or autohypnosis, e.B autogenic training, EMDR or progressive muscle relaxation.
  • Any kind of sport or stretching exercisesthat allow you to access your unprocessed emotions through the body. These are often stored in the pelvic area, which is why all sports in which the pelvis is mobilized (dancing, especially samba, running, yoga)are suitable. Running or martial arts (MMA as well as tai chi) is also ideal for depression. But even just shaking yourself while standing for a few minutes can be healing.
  • Massage and physiotherapy,through which tensions and emotional blockages on the physical level can be released, are useful. This applies above all to feelings of guilt in the shoulder-neck area, which pull you down. In addition, Physios offer group therapies in the psychosomatic field, in which you can either let off steam or even get moving instead of staring at the white wall, and develop a better relationship with your body by feeling it in motion. Even a shiatsu massage pillow in the back can bring relief.
  • If you have developed weight problems due to the emotional problems or sexual abuse, it is advisability to take a look at your eating and exercise habits. A tracking app for calories and/or kilometers run can help with obesity. In the case of severe underweight and/or severe nutritional disorders, medical treatment is necessary because the mental component of the disease destroys any physical development.
  • Relatively new on the market – and therefore not yet so well known – are technical aids such as radionicsbroadcasts. Thus, at the quantum mechanical level, the energy level is changed and the harmful information that is located as a frequency in the energy field is changed and replaced by positive information. Since energy constantly converts into mass and vice versa (Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity), this change in information also has a long-term effect on the body. Unfortunately, there are still no scientific studies on the effectiveness of the method (as of May 2021). It is therefore not a naturopathic or even medical treatment.
  • Other forms of light and sound can also have a positive influence on body and mind: from a daylight lamp for depression to a Solfeggio frequency generator as an app on the smartphone, there are no limits to the imagination.
  • Ultimately, the courage to take initiative leads to success: Dealing intensively with the topic is “half the battle”. This information portal,social media (especially TikTok), but also Instagram or groups on Facebook: the possibilities are manifold when it comes to getting information on your topic.
  • Don’t lose your sense of humour! “Humour helps to heal”,dr. Eckard v. Hirschhausen knows. As difficult as the situation may be to cope with, humor – and be it gallows humor or sarcasm – gives you the necessary distance to the action and lets you look at yourself and the situation from the outside.
  • In addition, I recommend and discuss on the website at irregular intervals Books on the topics that can trigger a complex trauma, e.B narcissism of the parents, persecution of the Jews, addictions of the parents, being born into a religious sect, child pornography, narcissistic/psychopathic partnerships (with/without children), the discovery of LGTBQ+ including outing, etc.
  • The global political situation regarding legislation is not rosy, which does not make defending trauma victims any easier. Many mechanisms that lead to physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial damage are poorly or not at all represented in legislation. There is a lot of catching up to do here to compensate for the perceived unfairness!
  • Last but not least, with complex trauma, you almost always have to deal with crime, for which you need special lawyers. The cooperation between therapist and lawyer is particularly difficult, because only certain people are allowed to appear as experts in court, who are often not synonymous with the attending physician or therapist, but are independent. Data protection also plays a role, for which certain information cannot be exchanged.