Ayurveda is a very old and traditional medicine and means something like “knowledge of life”. The aim of this independent medical science is to detoxify the body, to balance the energies in the body and mind and thus to activate the self-healing powers.

What is Ayurveda?

At the center of Ayurveda is the merging of body, mind and soul. Various techniques are used for this, such as nutrition, massages, oil pourings, steam baths, physical and breathing exercises (for example yoga).

Traditionally, all diseases that occur are treated with Ayurveda. However, this traditional philosophy has changed in western countries. Similar to yoga, Ayurveda, complementary to other therapeutic approaches, can have positive effects on people suffering from complex trauma.

It is important to emphasize that Ayurveda is a science in its own right, not to be confused with something purely spiritual. Since our western medical system appears so different, Ayurveda has unfortunately gotten this reputation over time. One advantage of Ayurveda compared to “conventional” medicine is, for example, that it not only treats diseases, but also improves the general state of health and well-being in the long term.

Ayurveda for complex trauma

Especially the nerve-calming and relaxing aspects of Ayurveda are very positive for people who suffer from trauma. PTSD in particular has been recognized and treated by Ayurveda for years. Similar to yoga, it is precisely the holistic focus of Ayurveda, with which body, mind and soul are brought together, which is particularly positive for those affected.

The various aspects of Ayurveda affect the activities of the brain and can bring them back on track. These include nutrition, medicine with herbs, massages with relaxing oils or meditation.

Well-being with Ayurveda

People who suffer from mental and psychological illnesses can learn ways to find more inner peace as part of a cure. Such a cure can also contain elements of Ayurveda or be entirely based on traditional medicine. Corresponding offers can be found all over the world. Whether in the German mountains, on Caribbean beaches or at the origin in India; there are numerous offers.

Ayurveda cures are particularly popular because of their cleansing and rejuvenating effects on the body. In the case of chronic diseases, a cure can also lead to healing success.

Many cures offer a mixture of medicine, therapy and wellness and thus treat the body and mind. Aside from Ayurveda cures, there is the possibility of taking a journey under the sign of Ayurveda.